Shanghai Yin Du Artist Training School (abbreviated as YDYX)

——YDYX Shines Because Its Students Shine


The Shanghai Yin Du Artist Training School was founded in 1992.  Ever since its birthdate, it has grown to be a dazzling star of art in Shanghai. Over the past 20 years or so, groups and groups of students have arrived here, carrying their beautiful art dreams along with them. Through hard work, many of them have realized their dreams. Whether it is a movie, TV show, or vocal performance, one can see YDYX’s graduates anywhere and everywhere, non-stop. Seeing this, every YDYX member takes pride in such graduates.


YDYX has set up the following goals for its students to pursue: to allow art to enlighten their lives, to learn art delightfully along the way, and to come nearer to realizing their art dreams each and every day.


Faculty Members


Experts, professors and scholars who have been studying plays, dramas, and vocal arts for all their lives make up the faculty team at YDYX. They take charge of hiring other faculty members and subsequently monitoring their teaching quality, resulting in the school possessing a pride-taking, stable, professional, and rationally structured faculty team. In addition, YDYX contains an excellent work team, each member of whom strives to service each YDYX student better and better. 


Distinguishing Features of YDYX Teaching Methods and Curricula


YDYX is literally a product of ever-progressing time. With its goal as “to discover, foster, and export students”, and with its mission as “to build an outstanding, prominent, and excellent school”,YDYX has set up an educational model that functions as both formal art education and improvement of personal quality of its students. It strives to create a brand of “surpassing the others, quickening the pace, and streamlining its learning system”, providing the art talents with a shortcut to growth, publicity, and fame.


Educational Achievement


Over the recent years, YDYX has paid visits to numerous other countries, including, in chronological order of visit, Singapore, Australia, Germany, France, Austria, Luxemburg, Russia, and the USA.  In these countries, its students participated in the Youth Art Exchange Competitions, winning gold medals for three times, and the best performance award for twice.


And YDYX’s educational achievement is worth noting also. Over the past few years, it has been consecutively awarded the Excellent Culture Co-founding Entity and the Advanced Independent Training Institute Entity.


Each year, YDYX produces graduates who matriculate into such prominent art institutions as Shanghai Theater Academy, Beijing Film Academy, the Central Academy of Drama, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Shanghai Normal University Art Department, East China Normal University Art Department, and Shanghai Theater Academy Affiliated Middle School.  Moreover, 20% of its students annually participate in the filming of motion pictures, TV shows, and advertisements.


Some celebrities whom the School once nurtured include Sun Li, Dai Jiaoqian, Hu Yanbin, Chen Long, Yan Kuan, Wu Yan, and Niu Ben.  They have won a number of awards thus far, including the TV Golden Eagle Award, the Most Welcomed Actor/Actress Award, with the Highest Potential Singer Award for the Asian Music Festival, and the Favorite Singer Award.


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